Hacktech 2017

March 3-5 @ Pasadena, CA

Applications closed! See you at Hacktech!

We are Hacktech.

And what is Hacktech? A place where the only thing limiting what you build is your own creativity. Stay up for 36 thrilling hours with the smartest people you'll ever meet, build the coolest things you have ever created, and chug more caffeine than you ever thought possible.


Tell me more!
Hacktech is Caltech's premier interdisciplinary hackathon: for 36 hours, 500 awesome student hackers will combine computer science with engineering and science to build the most innovative and interdisciplinary creations of the future.
Who can come?
Any undergraduate or graduate students from anywhere in the world. We also admit high school students on a case-by-case basis. We also welcome beginners - Hacktech is meant to be a learning experience! We want you to come here to have fun and leave having learned something.
How do teams work?
You can sign up as a team of up to four members. If you don't have a team before the event, don't fret! We will help you find fellow hackers to work with once you arrive.
What should I bring?
A student ID, a laptop, and a charger are the only necessities. We recommend you bring clothes, toiletries, and a sleeping bag as well!
What can I create?
Absolutely anything you want - websites, apps, hardware, you name it. We encourage you to go above and beyond the typical software project and make something that combines software with finance / medicine / electronics / science!
How much will it cost?
It's absolutely free! We'll be providing you with meals, a place to hack, and swag. We will also be offering travel reimbursements on a case-by-case basis!
How will I get there?
We will be sending buses free of charge to certain universities in SoCal and NorCal. We may also be giving out travel reimbursements for flights to out-of-state hackers!
Anything else I should know?
There are a few things we don't encourage; you should refer to the MLH Code of Conduct here for some guidelines to follow. Also, be smart - don't use/bring anything that you obviously shouldn't, including: alcohol, open flames, firearms, katanas, candy canes, maces, bassoons, etc.
Sounds great, how do I apply?
Just click the Apply Now button!
What if I'm a Caltech student?
The application process is no different for Caltech students.
Shoot us an email at team@hacktech.io and we'll get back to you before you can say "Hacktech is awesome!"


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