Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season
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Hacktech 2020

March 6-8, 2020 | All-Virtual

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This is Hacktech.

A place where, given a total of 36 thrilling hours with your team, your idea, and our fuel (in the form of snacks, drinks, and more), you produce a fantastic project, while forming lasting relationships and chugging more caffeine than you ever thought possible.


Tell me more!
Hacktech is Caltech's premier intercollegiate hackathon: for 36 hours, nearly 450 awesome student hackers will identify and build innovative, technological solutions to solve problems in a variety of disciplines.
Who can come?
Any undergraduate or graduate students from anywhere in the world. We admit high school students (must be over 18 years old) on a case-by-case basis, and also welcome beginners - Hacktech is meant to be a learning experience! We want you to come here to have fun and leave having learned something.
How do teams work?
At the event, you can submit a project as a team of up to four members. Make sure that all of your team members submit an application! If you don't have a team before the event, don't fret! We will help you find fellow hackers to work with once you arrive.
What should I bring?
A student ID, a laptop, and a charger are the only necessities. We recommend you bring clothes, toiletries, and a sleeping bag as well!
What can I create?
Absolutely anything you want - websites, apps, hardware, you name it. We encourage you to go above and beyond the typical software project and make something that combines software with finance / medicine / electronics / science!
How much will it cost?
It's absolutely free! We'll be providing you with meals, a place to hack, and swag. We will also be offering travel reimbursements on a case-by-case basis!
How will I get there?
We will be sending buses free of charge to certain universities in SoCal and NorCal. We may also be giving out travel reimbursements for flights to out-of-state hackers!
Anything else I should know?
There are a few things we don't encourage; you should refer to the MLH Code of Conduct here for some guidelines to follow. Also, be smart - don't use/bring anything that you obviously shouldn't, including: alcohol, open flames, firearms, katanas, candy canes, maces, bassoons, etc.
Sounds great, how do I apply?
Applications are currently open! Please create an account and login to submit your application! :)
What if I'm a Caltech student?
The application process is no different for Caltech students.
Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you before you can say "Hacktech is awes-!"

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